Cat Grooming


Pampers are now qualified cat groomers our staff have been cat grooming professionally since 2013.

Our services are  designed to promote the welfare of your cat and his/her coat.

All full services include a free health check, nail trimming, eye and ear cleaning

All full grooms include hydro bath massage , casting treatment , trim, style and tidy, free health check, eye, ear clean and a nail trim.

We endeavour to help you to keep your cat in good coat condition.

Some cats require more grooming than others to keep their coats in perfect health.

We acknowledge that some of our clients do not have the time or the expertise to keep their cats knot free and comfortable this is wear we can help! 

The cats coat is the most admired feature, there for having it groomed regularly is very beneficial.if it becomes matted or dull it is important to have it groomed as soon as possible. At pampers we specialise in cat grooming without sedation guided by the cats temperament .

Whilst it is possible to groom most cats if the cat is very aggressive or easily stressed we recommend sedated grooming by a vet.



The Different Clips we do

Lion Clip 
Mainly for long haired cats that are matted or need a trendy lion clip. Taking the fur short on the entire body, leaving a mane, half the tail and boots for legs, the paws and pads are trimmed ears cleared and nails cut. If you have a any preference of style please let us know, you may not want part the tail off or not want to go too short.


Brushing out
We have use of a rake cat comb and other tools to comb all dead hair out, if the coat is matted in places this will have to be clipped out often round bottom or underarms.


Using a range of natural and organic shampoos then hand dried.


Once fully vaccinated can be introduced to grooming. Half price under 6 months.

Cat Grooming Times
Tuesday to Thursday at 3pm

Our Price List
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